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In recent years, more and more Thai women are seeking to be in a relationship with foreigners. Are all of them after money? Well, some of them certainly are. We have to clarify here that Thai women, like any other women in the world, are not the same. Those who prefer to date westerners are from all walks of life and they have different social and economic backgrounds. She could be anything from a rich girl who has world class education and spends most of her time abroad, a good girl who is raised in a protective family, or a girl who comes from disadvantaged socioeconomic background. Therefore, there are many different reasons why Thai women prefer to date westerners, but the following should give you some ideas to the question.

Maturity and Leadership

Westerners are generally raised to think on their feet. Many of them leave home as soon as they finish high school. Some even start to work or travel the world at a very young age. While, Thai men mostly start to work when they graduate college at age 22. Some of them are raised in a family that their mother or maid picks up everything for them. They tend to be less mature in a relationship and sometimes fail to show leadership when expected to.


Thai people are exposed to western culture, Hollywood movies in particular, and many of them find blue eyes and blond hair attractive. If you ask a bunch of Thai girls about the looks of the man of her dream. I bet that one of them would describe the looks that are similar to one of the famous Hollywood actors. You may ask why the looks of western girls are less fond of by Thai men. Their looks are sure attractive among Thai men. But when it comes to real life dating, other factors like height difference may play a role (The average height of Thai men is 170 cm. or 5.6”). While we mention about height. I think most of women, not just Thai, are attracted to tall and muscular guys. Although Thai girls are rather petite, but they do not mind to have a bigger and taller partner. And it is even true with tall Thai girls that they can have a bit of a hard time trying to find a Thai man who is taller than her.

Bad relationship with Thai men

Some Thai women may have had relationship with Thai men and their experience are far from ideal. They may have faced some forms of abuse, cheating, or controlling behaviors. Some women may have not faced this kind of experience directly, but people around them can behave those ways. Those behaviors are not uncommon in western society. But the western society emphasizes more on gender equality and the respect of women. Thais generally have high regards on the westerners on this issue. Moreover, since Thai society is still patriarchal society. Thai men can expect their women to accept their behaviors as they are normal and “everyone does it once in a while” thing.

Economic factor

It is true that many Thai women are married to foreigners because they seek better economic opportunities. But if you are open-minded and try to understand from different perspectives that people make a decision based on them having better opportunities all the time. There are lots of happily married mixed couples that the Thai women are married to the male westerners because they can provide her stable sources of income and take care her and her family. In return, those women also provide something that the men lack from their previous relationship i.e. intimacy or caring for their illness or physical conditions. It is best to talk about what you need from your future partner and what they need from you before getting married. If you are open and honest with each other and realistic with yourself that marriage can be sometimes trade-offs, you will save yourself a big trouble for sure.

There are several other reasons why Thai girls prefer to date westerners, but we think these are the primary reasons. However, we can say for every women in the world that what they need most from men is to understand and respect them the way they are.


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