“I don’t do Asian girls, sorry,” said my best mate. This was 2 years ago when we were traveling in Asia. Well, to be honest, I’m a guy and if I find a girl who is attractive then she is attractive to me. I don’t have qualifications or race choices but well my friend did.

We traveled through Vietnam, Indonesia and ended up in Thailand as our destination. We landed in the most popular hostel on a party island and spent almost two months enjoying life on the beach. Surprisingly enough, the island was full of tourists that I didn’t see locals come to party much. Maybe it was because of the cultural things or maybe because they didn't want to hang out with foreigners since Thai people from what I have experienced, some of them are a bit introverts. From the research I have read before coming here I knew that they were different types of Thai girls. You have a chance to land on the one who doesn’t speak English at all and very Thai, this means she will be very shy and involved with her family that when you want to have a date with her, she’ll take her family to a date. On the other hand, if you are lucky, you’ll meet the ones who were brought up in an international environment such as schools or lived abroad before. She’ll be your best pal who knows what Netflix and chill really means and is very casual about hanging out with a guy. With this idea, I was pretty opened to anything really because I knew what to expect. In contrast, whenever I told my best mate that I had been hanging out with this Thai girl, she’s cool and laid back, he always shook his head and rolled his eyes as a way of saying that hanging out with a Thai girl was a ridiculous idea.

“Why do you always reject Thai girls? it’s not fair to them!” said me with a curiosity.

“Because they will always want you to pay for things and I don’t like that,” said my best mate.

“But there are different types of girls, you’d get a gold digger back home too. It’s not about being Thai or not,” I argued.

We never saw eye to eye on this until he met his current girlfriend. The story began with this girl I was dating at that time, she was trying to be a cupid by pairing up my friend and her friend. I knew it was going to be impossible as my best mate never interested in Thai girls but this lady changed my friend's mind.

“Send him this photo, trust me he’ll want to talk to my friend,” she said. She later tried to convince my friend that unlike regular Thai girls, her friend was internationally educated and basically was nothing like an ordinary Thai girl.

“No, no I bet this is just another ladyboy you are trying to fool me,” my best mate said after seeing her photo.

“Then how about this picture? Is she pretty?,” I laughed.

He was silent for a minute and went, “yeah, maybe she’s kind of nice.”

They exchanged their numbers since then and had been a lovely couple for almost 2 years. Last time I asked how are things with your girlfriend? he said "sweet," with a big smile on his face.

My friend never went back home and decided to get a job in Thailand. It is still a joke to wind him up until today as I know my best mate, he is a stubborn person. I never thought he would put down his ego and be open-minded about it all.


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