“Carter! Carter!, open the damn door! I know you are in there!,” said a random girl with a British accent.

Marvin Gaye’s song that we were playing on the speaker had to be paused. I raised my eyebrow with a curiosity. He then gave me the shh sign.

I was thinking, what am I doing here? I know we agreed on a casual dating but this does not mean that I can be his secret mistress. In fact, is this his girlfriend? Has he been cheating?

Carter whispered to me “Wait for me in the kitchen, don’t come out until she’s gone.”

“What? Seriously? Look, if there’s anything you need to tell me please don’t because I kind of figured and I am going to leave,” I said.  
While Carter putting his shirt on he continued “trust me, this is not what it looks like.”

I rushed to the kitchen as he was going to open the door. I didn’t hear much of the conversations even though my ears were pretty much attached to the wall.

“She’s gone,” said Carter. I was quiet and ready to leave. As I was grabbing my stuff, he pulled me close to his chest and gently rubbed my back. “I chose you, I told her I chose you,” said Carter.

“This doesn’t make sense, I didn’t want to be anyone’s mistress!,” I insisted.

Carter began to explain the story of this girl who is Thai and currently works at a cafe in Bangkok. They met at her work since her English seemed to be better than average. He became interested and asked her out. Little did he know, after talking for only 2 weeks she demanded an official relationship which he was uncomfortable with. He expressed to me that he was struggling to trust anyone as his last relationship with a Thai girl was toxic. He added that he wasn't good at goodbyes either, he disappeared from the girl he just met and that is why she came to his condominium and demanded for an answer to his disappearance.

I questioned quickly, “Why do you still choose to date Thai girls?”
“Because I believe that one day I’ll meet someone like you and I did.” Carter smiled with his warm blue eyes. He then described how I didn’t demand to be exclusive straight away after talking for only a short time and it made him feel that there was no pressure floating in the relationship. He later asked if I would like to move in with him as our places then were far away from each other. From dating him I learned that giving a guy the time to appreciate you is essential. Make him feel relax and keep the stress free in the relationship. Without you trying so hard, he will create the knot to tie you. Now Carter is my husband and we had 2 beautiful girls together. The best part? Their eyes are gorgeous just like their father.


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